Miguel Delgado, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon & Gynecomastia Specialist

Gynecomastia Surgery - Who is a candidate?

All men with enlarged breasts are candidates but the more extreme cases of gynecomastia will require more extensive surgery and possibly skin excision. It is important for the patient to be healthy and emotionally stable. A consultation with Dr. Delgado will help determine if the patient is a good candidate and what may be the potential result.


Why Choose Us

EXPERIENCE: Dr. Delgado has over twenty five years of experience performing gynecomastia surgery. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery- the only board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialities to certify plastic surgeons. Over the years, Dr. Delgado has operated on hundreds of men who have had gynecomastia; from the most minor cases to the more complex cases. Men from all over the world have sought out Dr. Delgado to be their gynecomastia doctor and perform their surgical procedure.

All procedures are performed at our newly accredited state of the art surgical facility. At Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center our goal is to provide patients with private and personal care at its highest level, making the surgical experience a pleasant one.

GLOBAL VISIBILITY: Dr. Delgado has been chosen by several television networks worldwide to be involved with specials on gynecomastia or “man boobs” as they are often referred to in media presentations. Dr. Delgado has been featured on the BBC special “Male Breast” and the Australian “Man Boob” feature on “What’s Good for You”. Dr. Delgado has also contributed to two books about gynecomastia.
Each year he is asked to participate in projects about gynecomastia because of his international reputation.

RESULTS MATTER: Dr. Delgado is dedicated to providing his patients with the highest level of care possible. He assesses each gynecomastia case and determines a surgical plan for that specific individual so that their unique surgical goal can be achieved. These details along with gynecomastia cost, recovery, and post surgical care are discussed in the consultation with Dr. Delgado during your visit.

UNDERSTANDING: For many men, having gynecomastia is a painful experience; it impacts their social life and self-confidence. Dr. Delgado understands. Dr. Delgado is committed to making certain that the surgical results will help to restore his patient’s confidence and allow them to enjoy their new physique.

PATIENT REFERRAL: Men who choose Dr. Delgado as their gynecomastia surgeon to perform their gynecomastia surgery are consistently pleased with their surgical outcome, which has resulted in many patient referrals. Many of Dr. Delgado's happy patients have detailed their experience on gynecomastia.org. Please refer to www.gynecomastia.org to read some of Dr. Delgado's patient experiences.


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